Why Become a Local GroucherzMerchant

An Unmatched Way to Attract New Customers and Build Brand Loyalty

When you have something unique to offer, and you need to reach the people who want to experience it, but struggle to find them, with Groucherz Merchant, you can.

We have a strong platform in your community with 25 years of knowledge and the correct approach to getting your offer to the right people.

You provide the everyday excellence, and we’ll do the rest.

What Do You Want Customers to Experience?

What defines you? What dish is the one people write home about? What do you offer that is someone’s favorite? What memorable event are you promoting? What makes your services the best, well… you?

With Groucherz Merchant, you can choose what to promote, how to promote it, and at what price point. It’s all about how you want people to experience you.

In our platform, you’re not pushing a deal. You’re promoting your brand and finding loyal repeat customers.

Your Campaign. Your Way

It’s your business. You know what sells. You know what customers want. Likewise, marketing your business is our business.

That’s why in addition to our dedication to you, we are ready to talk and walk you through campaign creation. We are your Campaign Manager, and we give you input into managing your campaigns.

When we jointly create your campaign, we both have control over:

Duration of offer・Discountterms・Number of listings・Target audiences

Ways to redeem・More

You’re the expert in your field. Groucherz has the platform to find more buyers.

An Eager Audience

Since the inception of our Groucherz program in 2015, we follow the industries analytics and see buyers are adventurous yet loyal, whereby 84% weren’t considering a merchant before seeing them on discount sites similar toGroucherz.

Also, 65% spend beyond the value of the Groucher when they visit the business, tip better, and 49% make multiple Groucher purchases per year.

Proven Performance

Since the original founding website was created in 2008, over a million merchants have joined that system, pumping more than $20 billion into local businesses to date.

But alas, non were from local rural areas, only the metropolitan districts commonly know as big cities. Groucherz took on that challenge with a twist, working a system to ensure that all small Mom & Pop participating businesses worked with a:

GUARANTEE: A guarantee to ensure that if GROUCHERZ fail to drive business your way:


YOU PAY:  ZERO but still receive your marketing program at no cost.

That’s How Confident we are in What we Do.