How to Sell as a Local Groucherz Merchant

Step 1: Create Your Campaign

Once we receive your information to sell your products with Groucherz, we’ll get back to help you create your campaign.

Typically, you’ll receive a request for us to come to you and act as your Campaign Manager where we’ll work together to build and manage your own campaigns.

This enables you to put your input into your campaign to fit your business needs. We’ll provide helpful recommendations for deal structure, content, discounts, number of available vouchers, launch date, and more.

Occasionally, some industries require more creativity to craft the right campaign structure. If you’re in this category, fear not, as we have the experience to personally help set up your campaign options to best suit your needs.

Step 2: Prepare Your Staff and Get the Word Out

Before your campaign goes live, you’ll have received your login info for your Local Groucherz Merchant Account.

The lead-up to your campaign’s launch date is a great time to make sure your staff are trained on one of the 3 redemption methods for processing Groucherz customers.

We’ll advise you as to the better ways to inform existing and potential customers as to what’s coming and supply you with hard copy and digital solutions.

Posting to your social media profiles, as well as spreading the word to your friends and family, can help generate buzz about your deal.

Step 3: Celebrate Your Campaigns Launch

On the day your campaign begins to sell on Groucherz, log in to your Groucherz Merchant Account to keep an eye on your sales. You should also be ready to answer any customer service or scheduling questions that might come in by phone or email.

Once your campaign is live, we’ll do the work of promoting it via our website, customer emails, social media, SEO, etc, so you can sit back and let us handle the marketing.

However, you may still want to coach your staff to try to rebook and up-sell when possible so that customers spend beyond the value of the Groucher, and strategize ways to help convert Groucher customers into regular customers, such as loyalty programs.

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Step 4: Results tracking in your Groucherz Merchant account.

As you continue to sell on Groucherz, you’ll see your sales in your Merchant account. You’ll be able to track your buyers, demographics and contact information along with their spending habits.

We’ll also send you a monthly email which breaks down your campaign sales in detail and allows you to create your very own customer list for future newsletters.

You’ll also be able to view, share, and respond to feedback from customers, track payments, and keep your business info up to date.